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Oferta de trabajo!!!!!!!!!!!

Extraído del blog "Nada es gratis" 

"Dear Sir or Madam:
The Obama for America analytics team is hiring quantitative analysts for the 2012 campaign. We obtained your contact information from your university’s Website – can you send your best and brightest to us? We’re looking for recent graduates or current students with significant quantitative experience in media, communications, Web analytics, marketing analytics, computer science, math, statistics, economics or political science.
The Obama for America Analytics Department analyzes the campaign’s data to guide election strategy and develop quantitative, actionable insights that drive our decision-making. Our team’s products help direct work on the ground, online and on the air.
We are a multi-disciplinary team of statisticians, mathematicians, software developers, analysts and organizers – all striving for a single goal: re-electing President Obama.
We are looking for Quantitative Media Analysts, Analytics Engineers, Battleground States Elections Analysts and Modeling Analysts at all levels to join our department now through November 2012 at our Chicago headquarters. Select a job position below for more information and requirements.
To learn more about each position, visit us online or forward this message to your top candidates:
If you’d like to recommend a particular student, feel free to send a letter to me at
- Dan
Chief Analytics Officer
1. Quantitative Media Analysts
OFA Analytics is looking for Quantitative Media Analysts. Quantitative Media Analysts will analyze data to inform our paid media program, including both television and digital media. We’re looking for creative, data-experienced individuals with media analytics, online analytics, or other media experience and a deep analytical tool kit.
Requirements include:
Four-year college degree or graduate degree in economics, media analytics, programming, computer science, mathematics, statistics or related field
Experience with communications analytics, media analytics, and/or survey analytics
Experience organizing and working with complex data sets
Proven creativity and problem-solving skills
Experience with media data such as Nielsen, CMAG, Arbitron, comScore
Required Software:
Must have strong MS Excel skills and experience with some of the following:
Any SQL-based query language
Any major statistical package (R, STATA, SPSS)
Any natural language recognition software
Programming experience desirable but not required for all positions (HTML, XML, Python, Ruby, Java, C++)
2. Analytics Engineers
Analytics Engineers will build the infrastructure we use to efficiently produce accurate data products. This will include building data processing pipelines, integrating with new data sources, building Web-based business process tools, and generating reports to help us monitor model performance.
Four-year degree in computer science, mathematics, or statistics, or an equivalent combination of education and experience
Proven creativity and problem-solving skills
Experience in a compiled language such as Java or C++
Experience in a scripting language such as Python, Ruby, or Perl
Demonstrated skills using any SQL-based query language
Strong interest in data analysis and big data
3. Statistical Modeling Analysts
Statistical Modeling Analysts are charged with predicting electoral outcomes using statistical models. These models will be instrumental in helping the campaign determine how to most effectively use its resources.
Required Experience:
B.S. degree (M.S./PhD preferred for senior positions) in statistics, mathematics, quantitative methods, computer science, or related field
Experience organizing and analyzing big, complicated data sets
Application of advanced statistical, and/or advanced data analytics techniques to real-world problems
Proven creativity and problem-solving skills
Required Software:
Applicants must have demonstrated, extensive experience (professional or academic) with any major statistical / advanced analytics package (R, STATA, SPSS, Weka, KNIME, etc.). Other desired software skills would include:
Any SQL-based query language
Programming experience desirable but not required for all positions (HTML, XML, Python, Ruby, Java, C++)
Strong MS Excel skills also desired
4. Battleground States Elections Analysts
Battleground States Elections Analysts are responsible for analyzing and understanding campaign and political data, leveraging that understanding into discrete strategic insights, and communicating those insights to OFA state campaign leadership. These individuals will analyze data across channels—including voter contact, digital and communications—to provide the states with comprehensive strategic and tactical guidance based on our extensive political database. Battleground States Elections analysts will be especially important for advising the states’ large direct voter-contact programs.
Required Experience:
Four-year college degree or graduate degree in programming, computer science, mathematics, statistics, quantitative methods or related field
Experience organizing and analyzing complicated data sets
Experience organizing and analyzing big, complicated data sets
Proven creativity, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills
Real-world application of complex statistical methods
Required Software:
Must have strong MS Excel skills and experience with some of the following:
Database interface and/or programming (VoteBuilder, SQL, MS Access, etc.)
Statistics (Stata, R, SPSS, SAS, etc.)
Mapping (ArcGIS or other)
Other programming (Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, C++)
Presentation (MS PowerPoint)”

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